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Commentary: Big Impact, Low Cost Fixes

Woman Credit Bills 260 Jpg
Finally, the Spring is here! Our Debt Diet is going well, relatively. We hit a few bumps due to weather (think Wet Basement, yuck!) But with that unexpected crises resolved, we're moving on. We're approaching the final payment of one major credit card in the next few days, so I'm certainly grateful. In the meantime, we've taken a little money and dedicated it to our charming cottage in the suburbs. I've been of the mindset that if we can't do the big things (new siding, remodel kitchen, add a man cave for the hubby), then we won't do anything. For any of you thinking the same, forget doesn't work. Trust me. So even though we're still committed to getting out of debt over the next three years, we've decided to do a few things around the house to make a big impact. We planted some flowers, sprayed the aluminum siding (that's right my house was built in 1950) with Simple Green and it cleaned up nicely and sprinkled some plant seeds and fertilizer on the lawn. Truth be told, it looks great. The impact on our bottom line: About $500 over the past couple of months. Not bad for our little fixer upper, not bad at all. It's funny those small fixes have me taking more pics of the kids in front of the house and it has the neighbors sprucing up their homes too. Tell me about your big impact, low cost fixes. And remember...