Coffee Talk: 'Brandy & Ray J' Gets a 2nd Season

VH1 decided to hang on to Brandy, Ray J, Chilli and all the "Basketball Wives" for another season. Speaking of "Wives," Gloria Govan's got a not-so-clean rap sheet. We think we've found our Memorial Day weekend anthem and we might trade in our short shorts for easy, breezy long dresses. Plus, we've got plenty of baby talk -- some interesting, some shocking -- and Drake and Alicia Keys get together for "Fireworks." Here's what you had to say: Keonte commented via Facebook: "I hate to say it, but I'm going to watch all of them. Reality television is my weakness." Kara wrote via Facebook: "I enjoyed "Brandy & Ray J" and "What Chili Wants" so I'm excited!"


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