Commentary: Lamenting the Death of Childhood

These days more tween girls are graduating from raspberry-flavored lipgloss to Revlon lip liners and mascara. In fact, they're encroaching so fast on "grown folks" habits that they're using more makeup than their teenage siblings, according to consumer research company, NDP Group. As more tweens are spotted wearing heels and "dating," moms like Momlogic writer Kimberly Seals Allers are afraid of what the future holds. Seals Allers laments the end of childhood as we know it... Here's what you had to say: La Monica wrote: "Yes to old school parenting! This hyper-sexualization of little girls is a disturbing trend and unfortunately there are way too many parents giving in to it." Anonymous wrote: "I couldn't agree more. I wish more parents would take the author's perspective."


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