More Women Marrying Men Who Make Less Money

When it comes to matrimony it's always assumed that a man will marry a woman who makes less money than him, unless you're Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Oprah and Steadman, in which case the opposite is true. And let's admit that most college-going women are prepped to believe that a suit and tie is most suitable. What happens when the suit and tie is harder to find because women are outpacing men on college campuses and the workplace? Here's what you had to say: Dee Williams commented via Facebook: "As long as he puts in what he has I'm fine with it. He just needs to make something!" Nancy Mwaba Meleka wrote via Facebook: "I have a partner who loves that I earn more,. He is the one who stays home and loves that he gets to be with the kids. I wish there were more in this world!"


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