Who We'd Like to See Host 'SNL'

This past weekend digital democracy exercised its right when actress Betty White hosted "Saturday Night Live" after months of fans petitioning for her via Facebook and Twitter. So that gave us an idea: Since we know plenty of entertainers who can bring the funny and then some, we thought it time to create our own list of people we'd like to see on "SNL" hosting duties.

Years after "The Jeffersons," actor Sherman Helmsley has shown he has comedic chops on and off screen

A gay Black woman with White children? Wanda Sykes has so many entry points to her comedy, she would totally bring sass and laughs to "SNL."

So many people have spoofed Bill Cosby's Jello commercials, wouldn't you love to see him mock himself on "SNL?"

We're rooting for Paul Mooney's no-holds-barred brand of comedic genius after stumbling across a "Paul Mooney on SNL is a Must" page on Facebook.

No one can bring "it" quite like our girl Mo-mo. Our favorite comedienne is also a powerful actress who can flip into any role she is given. Go Mo!

Naomi is a natural chameleon who would "own" any skit she was given like she does the runway. And just imagine the drama of a Naomi Campbell-hosted "SNL?" Must-see television indeed.

Oh how we miss Dave Chappelle's stoner comedy. And since he's definitely not reviving "The Chappelle Show" any time soon, we'll take the next best thing, a hosting stint on "SNL."

She showed her comedic flair when she co-hosted the Soul Train Awards with Terrence Howard last year. And since she has a movie coming out ("The Karate Kid") this would be a great time to get her on your stage "SNL."

This seems like a no-brainer considering that Chris Rock is a former cast member. And just think, there would be another funny Black guy besides Keenan Thompson.

"Wooking pa nub," is all we have to say. Eddie Murphy has given us so many classic moments on "SNL," we'd just like to create a few more, please "SNL?"

Comedy might not be her thing but the queen of talk is always up for a good challenge. And judging from her quirky comments on her show Oprah's a funny lady.

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