Balancing Act: I Thought My Ex Was Dead

You know those love songs with lyrics like, "I love you so much I can't breathe"? Well, I used to think the notion of losing it over a man was ridiculous... until it happened to me. In June 2006, my son's father left us for dead. Sound dramatic? So was his departure. One Friday afternoon, he called and said he'd be home shortly and we were going to the movies. I went through my usual routine. I whipped my hair, glossed up my lips and found a cute ensemble to look great with -- and for -- my man. Then I prepped our son, who was two years old at the time, straightened up and we waited for daddy to come on home. We never stopped waiting... Here's what you had to say: Sandy commented: "It's really tough and I am so glad that God has seen you through this experience and pray that he will continue to help you overcome and stay strong for your son." Anonymous wrote: "So glad you made it through. Your future is bright simply because you're still here."


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