Commentary: Family Rewards Program Doesn't Help

Wow. Are really doing that bad within the urban community that our adults need to be paid to be parents and act like adults? The Center for Economic Opportunity seems to think so. Under the social program "Opportunity NYC Family Rewards," parents are cut a check for the things they ought to do. Get a job. Make sure their child goes to school. Take them to the doctor. Go to parent-teacher conferences. Families are getting "rewards" in the form of cash, for basic parenting... Here's what you had to say: Shame commented: "I agree with the writer. I lost my job and still take care of my kids and I don't get paid for it!" Florida wrote: "I don't understand some folk, but I see it all the time. They let their kids run wild, no hugs, kisses, not interested in how they are doing in school etc. Remember our kids, one day, are going to be responsible for running the country and karma is a **tch."


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