Commentary: Ten Little N***** Girls

Recently, Kanye West posted images from a book of early 1900s British children's stories, featuring a nursery rhyme called "Ten Little N***** Girls." The poem is actually the second part of the release illustrated by G.H. Thompson, the first being "Ten Little N***** Boys." Years later, Thompson turned to another oppressed group to produce "Ten Little Indians." The poem starts with ten little n***** girls, in black face with bright red lips, who, one by one, page by page, begin to disappear by all sorts of random acts and tomfoolery -- one was burned up while making toffee sticks, another was taken by a bird while having her tea, one was playing with a hive... Here's what you had to say: Missy Me commented: "...Black or White, some people are just going to be ignorant." Monniej wrote: "May God help us all!"


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