Frisky Friday: His Thoughts on Seeing You Naked

My sister came over to my apartment one morning and found me sitting on my bed in my underwear crying. A self-conscious 24-year-old, I was anticipating my new boyfriend's return from out of town and expecting to sleep with him, I dreaded that he would be turned off by my scars or thick thigh or something else that I picked on myself for. My sister explained to me that a man could care less about that burn on my arm from my mom's curling iron or a stray hair on my breast. Her advice got me to thinking: what do guys think about when they see their ladies naked for the first time? We asked ten men to tell us how they feel the first time they see a woman naked. Their answers will make you want to take your clothes off more often. We asked our Facebook friends how they felt the first time their men saw them in the nude. Here's what they said: Kimberly: "[I was] a little nervous, but the excitement overruled the nervousness." Cindy: "It was too passionate for me to even care."


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