Commentary: Does It Really Matter If He Makes Less?

After watching the Nightline's Black Single Ladies "Face-Off", a group of fellas and I decided that this was a subject we must address. It seems like a man making less money is a deal-breaker in relationships with some successful women. I'm assuming these ladies have never been with someone who was equally ambitious but wasn't making the same money. Or maybe they've never lost a job or had a day that was so bad they just needed someone to hold them. It may seem like the money you make today is the best definition of who you are, but one day you will need someone to just listen to you, support you emotionally, or even carry you across the room when you're tired. When this time comes around, will it really matter if he makes less money than you? Here's what you had to say: Goat commented: "Making the most money doesn't make you a good husband. ...If you are focusing on money then you can't possibly be focusing on love." Asia wrote: "I don't want a Mr. Mommy. I want a baby-maker that brings home the bacon."


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