Columbus Short Acts Up In His Latest Film 'The Losers'

Columbus Short doesn't take a break. Just last weekend he starred in the insanely funny flick, "Death at A Funeral" and just like that, this weekend we'll see his face all over the big screen again for his action-packed thriller "The Losers," alongside co-stars Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana. His previous roles in films like "Armored," "Cadillac Records," and "Stomp the Yard" prove that Short is not only fine, talented, and funny but able to play many diverse roles. The former Britney Spears choreographer refuses to be typecast or put in the "Black Hollywood Box," and this weekend he further proves his acting range in his gangsta role as Pooch, telling the story of revenge and betrayal. The slightly exhausted Columbus talks to about the film, Zoe's success, and his love for a challenge all while keeping it short...and sweet. Related stories: Chris Rock & Tracey Morgan On "Death At A Funeral"Common Bursts In On "Date Night"


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