Author C.G. Rawles Talks Beauty and Identity

We are a beautiful people. Our skin hues and hair textures run the gamut, as do the colors of our eyes and the curves and widths of our hips. As many of us can attest, however, learning to appreciate one's own beauty can be a long road. Artist and first-time author, C. G. Rawles, plans to open that conversation, early, with her new children's book, "Same Difference." Geared toward the 4-to-8-year-old set, the book tells the tender tale of two cousins--Lida and Lisa--whom are like two-peas-in-a-pod until they begin to realize that they share few, physical similarities...hence, the lesson ensues. After getting her two little girls and teenage stepson off to school, Rawles sat with to discuss her impetus for crafting the book, what she's learned about identity during her journey and why it's so important to remind our children, often, how lovely they truly are. Read more: Dolls And Black Girl's Self-EsteemCommentary: Is It Harder For Black Moms?


RAWLES: I hope that they'll read it, enjoy it and begin a dialogue about beauty and identity. There are so many little girls at my daughter's day care center who all look so different and have all kinds of hairstyles, even extensions. I just want to hug each one of them and say, "You're all so beautiful." To learn more about "Same Difference," visit Read more:

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