Bridal Bliss: Telephone Love

Stylist Alexandria Sanders and basketball player Chad Lawrence Yates spent their first few years together as a couple getting to know each other over the phone, while attending colleges a few hours apart in D.C. and Baltimore. After graduation, Chad's basketball career led him to New York, keeping their usage of unlimited nights and weekend minutes at an all-time high. Tired of their long distance love affair, the two relocated to Atlanta and tied the knot in a beautiful autumn affair. Share their love. Read More:  Bridal Bliss: In It To Win ItBridal Bliss: Heaven SentHere's what you had to say: Naye commented: "I Love to hear [when] men keep some tradition with asking the father for his daughter's hand in marriage. In Chad's case, he showed great character by traveling across the country to do just that, as well as to create a bond with the important men in his bride's life. [He gets] big points for that!" Anonymous wrote: "This is so beautiful. I wish you all many blissful years together."


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