Commentary: Hairy Legs and All

Actress and comedienne Mo'Nique got everyone's knickers in a bunch around Oscar time when she had the gall to show up on the red carpet proudly displaying her unshaven legs. Quelle horror. Clutch the pearls. It's a disaster. Only, it really wasn't. Because if it had been up to my parents, no one would shave their legs. Ever. Not Black women, especially, because, as they told me when I was around 13: "That's something White people do." Read More: Mo'Nique Talks Hairy Legs and Open Marriage Mo'Nique Wins the Oscar! Here's What you had to say: Chocolate legs commented: I love my fine hair lays in one direction on my legs! My husband and men I dated before him love it and find it very sexy. Brown-eyed cutie said: "I cannot stand to see a woman who is dressed nicely with hairy legs. It takes away from the cuteness. I don't see it as a black or white issue; it's just about preference."


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