Tress Talk: Chrisette Michele Shaves Her Head

There are many reasons why women shave their heads. Sometimes, it's coming from a place of renewal (ie, women who chop their tresses after depression or illness). Sometimes, it's a practical thing (ie, a new mother who doesn't have time to fuss with her hair). Sometimes, it's a symptom of going nuts (ie, Britney). But, in Chrisette Michelle's case, it was simply a matter of being sick of all the maintenance and damage. Here, the Grammy winner tells why she chopped her tresses, and exclusively shares a poem she wrote about the experience... Read More: ESSENCE Music Festival 2010 Line-Up'Tis the Season to be CurvyHere's what you had to say: DD commented: "Like my momma and grandma always said: 'Hair does not make a woman beautiful...a woman makes the hair beautiful!' I love when a sista does what is right for HER look and not the look that everyone else thinks she should have. Hollywood is filled with the same typical's time for a breath of fresh air!! You go, girl!!" Queenbee said: "Love the article. I just did the big chop and love the freedom of my new style..."


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