The New Bang: Celebs Rock Fierce Fringes

Once exclusively the stuff of cheerleaders and the cast of "Grease," bangs are suddenly everywhere. Besides being a chic little addition to an already fly cut, bangs happen to be an equal opportunity hairstyle--they flatter every face shape under the sun, and look terrific on both long and short strands. To prove the point, we've compiled a gallery of drastically different-looking celebs with a range of lock lengths. From Serena Williams's mid-length bob to Kelly Rowland's mile-long extensions, here are the A-listers with the fiercest fringes!  Read More: Serena Williams Trains to Become a Nail TechAsk the Experts: Maintaining Your Short Cut Here's What you had to say: Michelle commented: "I have always worn bang and I love it but some times it's time to change things up. Bangs on the face, off the face, to the side or cut to be shorter."--via Facebook Nikki said: "Heavy bangs are hot on just about everyone! Serena is rocking those heavy bangs."--via Facebook


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