Commentary: 'Attention, All Black People...'

I won't not lie, last month when I read that a 16-year-old boy used a public address system at a Walmart in New Jersey's Washington Township, and said, "Attention Walmart customers: All Black people, leave the store now," I let out a hearty laugh. I didn't think too much of it, remembering the days when my friends and I pulled pranks as teenagers--I simply found it secretly amusing. Later when news broke that the same young man was arrested and charged with bias, intimidation, and harassment, I felt his punishment was justified regardless of how comical I may have found the situation initially... Read more: Commentary: My Black Daughter As A Confederate?Cornell Professor Call Two Students Black "B" Words Here's what you had to say: Dvine commented: "It's sad when children behave in a way where you wonder if they have any morals. Some call it a silly joke, a prank, and even harmless... What's next? May God bless and protect us all."


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