Read Our Live Chat: Men On Why Men Cheat

Chris Rock has said that men are only as faithful as their options. With recent high-profile cheating scandals from Shaquille O'Neal and Tiger Woods last year to most recently Tiki Barber, and Mike Nilon (Garcelle Beauvais' husband), it seems men with more "options" are stepping out more than ever and leaving us to ask, "What is up with all the cheating?" On April 14, 2010, we wrangled together four male relationships experts to give us their perspectives on why men in a live chat. See what Finesse Mitchell, Anthony C. Rucker, Steven James Dixon and Hasani Pettiford had to say about men and infidelity. Read this live chat now. Read More: Read Our Live Chat: How to Find Mr. RightRead Our Live Chat: Black Women and Marriage Here's what you had to say: Charli commented: "Men will be men--they will cheat. Ladies, you cannot blame yourselves and think that you're not doing something right. It's simply in their nature [to cheat]--nothing more, nothing less." Cynthia Brooks wrote: "'Why Do Men Cheat?' is an age old question. I feel it has everything to do with character. A true man, no matter how much bait is cast before him, will not choose to bite."
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