'Go There' Wednesdays: Embellished Headbands

We're beyond thrilled that the weather's starting to heat up--but balmy temps bring a whole new set of hair issues, like frizz and sweaty roots (hell on relaxed hair!). Luckily, we've stumbled upon a surefire bad hair day cure: Embellished headbands! In a pinch, they're sexy, ridiculously cool, and look fabulous with any hair length. The best part? It takes two seconds to slap one on, and you instantly have a "look." No muss, no fuss, no complicated styling techniques. Try rocking your headband across your forehead, Chanel Iman-style, or sliding it back from your forehead, a'la Alice in Wonderland. We love Forever 21's Metallic Braid Headband ($2.99), a super-affordable, slim, golden number; and Free People's Shell & Crochet Headband ($29.99), a lace band covered in pearly discs, beads and gems. Read More: 'Go There' Wednesdays: Thandie's Braid'Go There' Wednesdays: Platinum-Streaked Short Cuts


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