Commentary: You're Not My 'Daddy'

"Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)" is currently #2 on Billboard's Hip-Hop and R&B chart, so it's practically a given that I will hear the second single from Usher's new album "Raymond vs. Raymond" over and over again on the radio. What bothers me is that while the tune is so catchy, I'm distracted by the lyrics which, when examined, are slightly disturbing. If I'm to be entirely honest, the song's lyrics actually gross me out. There's nothing that I find arousing or sexy about calling the object of my affection "daddy." I know, I know--most people use the pet name as whimsically as "babe" or "sweetheart," but because this term of endearment is particularly sacred to me, it just seems perverse... Read more: Usher's Back With "Raymond vs. Raymond"Robin Thicke: "I Prefer Lingerie"Here's what you had to say: Tricy commented: "I only have one father and the title Daddy is reserved for him." Jess said: "It's just a song. If you don't like what he's saying then don't listen to it."


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