Meet The Ladies Of VH1's 'Basketball Wives'

Grab your popcorn and tune in to VH1 tonight ladies, we're about to have a lot to tweet about. The much-buzzed about reality show "Basketball Wives" premieres tonight and it's everything you imagined about the lives of NBA wives, baby mama's and ex-girlfriends. Drama, and lots of it. Produced by Shaq's soon-to-be ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal, the show follows the lives of seven ladies as they navigate their way through the glitz and too often not so glamorous life of being with (or moving on from) an NBA player... Read More: She's Got Next: Shaunie O'Neal On Her Divorce Shaunie O'Neal on VH1's "Basketball Wives" Commentary: 'Pep' Is a Celebration of Singlehood


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