Career Fridays: Mommy Profiling In The Workplace

Dallas native Natalia Dean worked for a law firm for six years prior to having her daughter two years ago. Pre-baby, the bubbly 30-year-old was one of those associates who jumped at the chance to work late nights preparing paperwork for cases for the firm. But now, with a baby at home, she could no longer keep up with a grueling schedule and expressed her need to leave work promptly at 5pm to pick her daughter up from day care. "My boss's face said it all," says Dean, "This was not something they liked to hear from female associates." Talk to most working moms with demanding careers and they'll know exactly what Dean is referring to. Mommy profiling: when employers discriminate against women who have, or plan to have children. Is it real or imagined? The statistics say it's real... Read More: Career Fridays: How To Successfully Change CareersDeconstructing Desiree Rogers Career Fridays: How To Stand Out In The Workplace


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