Real Talk: Stop Random Violence...Enough

Returning home at 3 a.m. after a blissful night of celebrating their engagement with friends and family, a young couple was brutally murdered on the streets of New Jersey. Now instead of planning a wedding, two families are mournfully, confusingly putting together two funerals. The couple's names were Nia and Michael. College graduates and good people, who found themselves confronted by armed thugs who probably never knew or felt the love that they snuffed out when they committed the cold-blooded murder of this young couple. Was it jealousy or a love triangle gone wrong? No. The police presume that the motive was car-jacking and robbery. Ridiculous. Read More: Exclusive: Friend of Slain NJ Couple Shares PhotosCommentary: Who Is To Blame For Raped 7-Year Old 


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