Are Men Only As Faithful As Their Options?

With two prominent Black men in the headlines for infidelity--Tiger Woods and now, Tiki wanted to get some answers on questions about cheating and fame from the Black man's point of view. We went to Anthony C. Rucker, a Black relationship expert, life coach, and author of "Relationship Cookbook" with Chris Rock's claim from his 1999 HBO special "Bigger and Blacker" that "a man is only as faithful as his options." Is this the truth? Read more: Dr. Michelle On The Cheating Ways Of Pro AthletesCommentary: Tiger Cheats For The Adrenaline Rush Here's what you had to say: Vee commented: "This situation further proves that a man will cheat if he wants to--no matter what color he is, or what color his wife is." Bri said: "I do believe that men of any race have a higher chance of cheating if their options increase. If you're a celebrity and you've got tons of girls that are willing to get with you and don't care if you're married, it messes with your judgment. Period."


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