Exclusive: Friends of Slain NJ Couple Share Pictures

On April 3, a young couple was returning home from their engagement party and parking their new Honda CR-V in Jersey City, New Jersey, when they were approached by two women and a man, who shot them both twice in the head, according to authorities. Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said that the motive for these murders was theft and carjacking. Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki were found dead near their car on Randolph Avenue in Jersey City. ESSENCE.com spoke exclusively with one of Nia Haqq's bridesmaids, who shared memories and photos of the two lovers who were just about to start a new joyous chapter of their lives together. See exclusive images of the New Jersey couple here. Read more: Shaniya's Brother: "I Didn't Think This Could Happen"Update: Photos of Four-Year-Old Boy Slain on NYE Here's what you said: Lyra commented: "Ty, thank you for sharing. ...Prior to the publishing of these photos, Nia and Michael were seen as just another statistic by some. They were thought of as just another pair of victims killed through violence. These pictures have provided a window into the wonderful individuals that Nia and Michael were." T.Angel wrote: "It just breaks my heart to think about the love and energy this couple had for one another and the impact they had."


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