Commentary: Thinking Through Erykah Badu's Nudity

"Erykah Badu takes it all off in new video" was the headline I read one morning, so being the urban cultural connoisseur that I am, I clicked the link and proceeded to watch the video, once or twice. When we are given work that is bold and courageous, visually partaking in it is the responsible and engaged person's practice. I, for the sake of my societal duty and calling, forced myself to sit, and watch again and again (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)... Read More: Erykah Badu Charged For Nudity In "Window Seat" Commentary: Erykah Badu Is Naked & Unashamed Erykah Badu Talks Nudity In 'Window Seat'Here's what you had to say: Christal commented: "This is not an issue of race or gender this is the sad state of what some would call 'acceptable entertainment.'" DRL-P wrote: "Unless, I am mistaken, Ms. Badu also does have some inalienable rights, including that 'pesky' first amendment thing--you know--freedom of speech and expression. Or does that not count?"


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