Week 1: Planning to Fail

"When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." You've probably heard this phrase a million times. And it definitely applies to weight loss. If I fail to plan ahead and bring healthy snacks from home to work, it's oh-so-likely that I'll fail on my diet and a candy bar will be calling my name at around 3pm. But I've been guilty of a much greater sin than simply failing to plan. I've explicitly gone out and planned to fail. Three weeks ago I talked myself into buying an extra large bag of Reese's mini-peanut butter cups. They were on sale AND I got 10% more in the bag for free. "I just can't say no to these sweets, so I might as well have them around on the cheap," I thought... For more from "The Next Ten Pounds" blogger Lynya Floyd, click here. Read More: I Lost 60 Pounds And Found My Passion Jennifer Hudson Is New Weight Watchers SpokespersonCelebrity Weight Loss: How They Did It


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