Making A Marriage Work After Sex Addiction

Infidelity, sadly is not a new or novel event within the course of a marriage. It is estimated that anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of men will cheat, and 23 to 30 percent of women will stray as well. Cheating can implode a marriage, destroy families and stamp out trust which is a cornerstone of a stable marriage. It is unlikely that most of us become adults without having had at least one experience of being betrayed in a relationship. It hurts. For most folks, the pain of either causing or being the recipient of heart-wrenching actions teaches emotional lessons that inform how we should act to avoid being hurt or hurting others. Some folks clearly don't get memo and can't stop or just won't stop acting in selfish, destructive ways... For more "Real Talk" from Dr Janet Taylor, click here. Read More: Living & Loving a Sex Addict: Curbing Her InfidelityIt's a Man's World: Monogamy vs. Faithfulness Commentary: Tiger Woods Addiction or Human Nature?


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