Frisky Friday: Celebrate Your Breasts

Whether we think our breasts are too small, too big, lop-sided or just right, we can all agree on one thing--we wouldn't want to part with our pairs. Besides giving our young ones essential nutrients and vitamins for long healthy lives, our breasts do a lot to up the Oh-factor during those lengthy, steamy baby-making (or baby-making practice) sessions. We came up with a few ways to love your favorite set of twins more... Read More: Frisky Friday: On the Receiving EndFrisky Friday: Going DowntownFrisky Friday: Don't Forget the Foreplay Here's what you had to say: Cyn_1974 commented: "I have small puppies, so men kind of forget to show them love and go straight for the gold. It's like, 'slow down, warm me up.'"


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