Commentary: When Family Planning Gets Tricky

Demetria L Lucas, ESSENCE Relationships Editor and blogger asks what happens when one spouse is ready for kids and the other is not. Lucas uses Beyonce (shown here with nephew Julez) as an example. Jay-Z has made it clear on several occasions that he's ready to be a father, and is waiting on her. But should a woman who is only 28 years old and on the top of her career be forced to make such a sacrifice for her partner's wishes? Read more: Commentary: Blaming The MistressCommentary: What Are You "Entitled" To In Love Here's what you had to say: Yo_1972 commented: "If a woman wants to see her dreams out to the end and is ambitious, you can't blame her for not wanting kids at the moment." Anonymous said: "I don't understand some women these days. Just because you have a baby does not mean you have to put your dreams and aspirations on hold... It is her choice, but I believe that her career will not stop just because she has children."


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