Balancing Act: I Lost 60 Pounds and Found My Passion

I didn't chose to be overweight; I was raised to be. I grew up in a household where big portions were the norm, and I was as programmed to "finish everything on my plate" as I was to say thank you, please and yes ma'am. I loved food. I hated being fat. Being thick became challenging around middle school because that's when the boys started busting jokes on me. I'd get called "Big Coryndi." The girls were cruel, too. Once, in high school, a friend relayed that she overheard some girls gossiping about me. In sum, they couldn't believe that I--size 14--had landed one of the cutest boys in our freshman class since I was "all big." My high school boyfriend, who became my husband, always told me he loved me at any size. But I didn't... Read more: Balancing Act: I'm Living With LupusBalancing Act: I Helped My Son Learn To Hear Here's what you had to say: Raindew commented: "I know the feeling of being a big girl. You always have to be "on"--be the funny one, the smart one, the risque one, everything but who you are. It gets really tiring. I need to turn my life around like you." Anita wrote: "My husband loves me at any size, but I want to live to be old in a healthy way. I had to learn how to eat all over again. It was hard, but it was worth it."


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