Usher's Back With 'Raymond vs. Raymond'

Who wins: Usher or Urrrsher? One might assume "Raymond v. Raymond" is conceptually addressing Usher's struggle with his own duality, personal vs. private, or who he was vs. who he's become. That isn't necessarily the case. The real struggle here is Usher attempting to convince his fans to see him how they did before the "wedding album." He's aware that people respect the polished, responsible Usher. But, he's also aware how they swoon over the "Throwback" sangin' Urrrsher. So, which direction did he travel with this album? Read more: Commentary: Erykah Badu Is Naked & Unashamed2010: Countdown To The Comeback Of Good Music Here's what you said: Vee commented: "I for one will be buying his latest CD."



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