Michael Baisden Launches National Mentors Campaign

Michael Baisden is fed up. The popular radio host is exhausted from running to town hall meetings to speak about the steep youth murder rate in his hometown of Chicago. He decided that there are only so many ways to present the sad story on our troubled youth on his four-hour radio show. He figured, what America's at-risk kids desperately need is simple: a mentor. Baisden recently launched a national 72-city bus tour to find "One Million Mentors" to save our kids and to encourage them to get it together. ESSENCE.com spoke to the proud volunteer about what it takes to be a good mentor, why everyone should make time to help children, and how he spends time with his 11-year-old mentee. Read more: President Obama's White House MentoringCommentary: Gov. Paterson On Mentor Percy Sutton


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