Commentary: Who Said Dating Has to End in Marriage?

The recent and ongoing media discussion of single Black women and our supposed slim chances of getting hitched has caused us to focus a lot of our attention on marriage. But what if it's not for you? A lot of sisters are enjoying the freedom and self-exploration that the single life has to offer and could care less about marriage rites. Staying focused on finding a husband might cause you to "miss all the enjoyment and personal development opportunities that dating adds to your life," says JJ Smith, author of "Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating." She explains us why she's chosen to be a Dating Diva rather than a Mrs. Whatever. Read More: Stop Stressing Marriage and Have Fun DatingThe Dating Diva on Dating Like a Pro Here's what you had to say: Dawn commented: "Personally I don't want to get married. Call me selfish, but i can't see myself giving up my independence to make someone else happy."   D wrote: "If you choose a career over love and think that you can't handle both, then I guess marriage would not be for you. Most of us can handle and make time for both, just like we make time for everything else in life."


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