Commentary: Erykah Badu Is Naked & Unashamed

ESSENCE Relationships Editor and blogger Demetria L. Lucas goes in on the negative reactions to Erykah Badu's second video, 'Window Seat," from her upcoming album "New Amerykah, Part 2" in which Badu is featured stripping off her clothes in public, while walking down a Dallas, Texas, street. Read more: Erykah Badu Talks Nudity In "Window Seat"Erykah Badu Releases First Video "Jump Up In The Air" Here's what you had to say: Tesi commented: "What have we become as a society to accept this kind of behavior and label it art! Can you not make a statement with your clothes on?" Dee said: "The video is challenging the world's view of the female form as well as society's view of a woman of color who has not altered her body for the purpose of being objectified. I saw Erykah celebrating her freedom and beauty, which she symbolized with her nudity."


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