Black Marriage Day Celebrations On The Rise

Here's to more Black couples saying 'I do' a thousand times over. As Black Marriage Day rolls around tomorrow, some 300 communities nationwide are expected to join in on the fun, reports the Associated Press. The buzz about the annual celebration, which aims to reverse a "trend of non-commitment in the Black community," is gaining traction, according to it's creator Nisa Islam Muhammad, who spearheaded the initiative eight years ago. But why the need for a Black Marriage Day? The numbers say it all. According to the 2009 Census 42% of Black adults have never been married, compared with 24% of all White adults. For Black women the rates are lower: some 31% have never walked down the aisle by the time they reach their 40's, as compared to 9% of White women... Read More: Commentary: 10 Skills For a Successful MarriageBalancing Act: I Married a Blue Collar GuyCommentary: Black Love is Under Attack


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