Fake 'Jail' At Kiddie Playground Angers Local Parents

Here's one playground drama that's deserving of attention: community activists recently discovered a jungle gym with a cell door, prison bars and the word "jail" painted on it at the Tompkins Houses, a housing project in Brooklyn. The playground just so happens to be in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a historically Black neighborhood with the largest prison population in the state. Coincidence? We think not...  Read More: Recess Coaching? Schools Give Playtime a MakeoverCommentary: Setting The Academic Bar For Our BoysEducation Is The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time Here's what we had to say: Cocoa Brown commented: "I am wondering if on this playground there is also a little sign that says hospital, library or even school. If these little play areas were included on this playground, I don't think the parents would have been as outraged." Lisa said: "Our children are being targeted to become a part of "new age slavery" aka jail! This truly saddens me."


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