Commentary: Blaming The Mistress

I nearly spat my Starbuck's apple cider on my computer screen when I read a recent update in the NY Post about a North Carolina woman, Cynthia Shackelford, who had successfully sued her husband's mistress for $9 million due to the "severe emotional distress" triggered by the affair with her husband. Really? We're suing mistresses now? Read more: Sweet Revenge: Getting Even With A CheaterMore Than One Way To Catch A Cheater Here's what you had to say: Mz. Lady commented: "You should not be able to sue the mistress. You should be able to sue your husband! I have been a mistress many times. ...If a wife would have sued me, all I would have done was pay her back with her husband's money, which is technically her own money." Nila wrote: "If you know that the man that you are dealing with is already married and you choose to ignore that, you deserve to get sued. It's the consequence you pay for ruining someone else's life just so you can get your rocks off."


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