New Music Review: Monica's 'Still Standing'

Don't get it twisted, Monica continues to make it resonantly clear that she is not the young woman she used to be. However, after the countless headlines, rumors, breakups, and even her own reality show, whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you. We first heard fifteen-year-old Monica Arnold when she took the R&B scene by storm back in 1995 with her sassy triple platinum debut album, "Miss Thang." Fifteen years later, and after a four-year-hiatus from the scene, Monica returns with her sixth studio album, "Still Standing," on sale today. breaks down the album, track by track, and how "shaky" the tunes really are. Read more: Behind the Scenes Of Monica's New Video2010: Countdown To The Comeback Of Good Music Here's what you had to say: Mrsndc wrote: "I cannot wait! I'm going to cop this today. I've been a fan since 1995." M said: "I for one will buy the album just to show my support for Monica as an artist, a woman and a mother. Monica has a true gift, and I am pleased that she shares it with the world."


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