Mary J. Blige's Outdoor Concert In Times Square

How do you know Mary J. Blige is a diva's diva? Because today, she gave a free outdoor performance in Times Square on a rainy afternoon, and the following things happened: She did not slip on the soaking wet stage, she rocked sunglasses (it was totally overcast, but no matter), and her hair didn't even think about frizzing up! MJB hosted the mini-concert to celebrate her partnership with Degree Women Natureffects, a new line of anti-perspirant/deodorants and matching body mists inspired by the calming effects that nature has on women. After the show, we chatted with the legendary chanteuse about everything from her quest to find the perfect Hermes cuff to why Halle Berry is her ultimate beauty icon... Read More: Mary J. Blige Headlines 2010 Essence Music Festival


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