Health Care Reform Bill Passes The House

The House has passed the health care bill, a reform effort that almost every U.S. President has tried, and failed at, since Harry Truman. Now it is ready for President Barack Obama's signature... Read more: Health Secretary Explains How Health Care Reform Affects AAsConservatives Target 11-Year-Old Marcelas Owens Here's what you said: Desiree commented: "Congratulations to the Congressional members and the Obama Administration for doing what brings relief, life and dignity to millions. Now this is greatness of a nation that belongs to no one group or person, but the people, all people." Dawn commented: "I'm 50% for every American should have health insurance, but at what cost? Again, this will be on the backs of taxpayers, possibly the middle class, such as myself and would put this country in more debt than it already is!"


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