Airing Your Relationship Dirty Laundry On Facebook

People have been using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to vent their frustrations to their "friends" ever since the social networking thing became a daily aspect of our lives. But, a recent story documents a couple's fight on Facebook that went from a snide remark to an all-out war... This leads me to ask, "Is this the new virtual reality or is it virtual insanity?" Read More: Help, My Boyfriend is Facebook Friends with His ExBreak-Ups in the Digital Age Here's what you had to say: Jagers wrote: "Using e-mail, Facebook or any other online venue is the cowards way out, when dealing with your significant other. Married people definitely should not be airing out their dirty laundry for all to see. Talking face to face like two adults will always be the best way to deal with your problems, not the internet!" Betsy_Heaven commented: "I have so many friends who think that people are really interested in their lives, so they share everything with the online community. Even when they have sex."


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