Commentary: Setting The Academic Bar For Our Boys

Last week the internet broke out in joyful glee over a story about a new all-male public school in Chicago that graduated its first class with all the students attending a four-year college. When good news happens to Black boys, are we ecstatic because they broke the stereotypes of others or are we actually ecstatic because, we too, have believed those stereotypes? Have we secretly given up on our Black boys too? Read more: Entire High School Class Going To College'Education Is The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time' Here's what you had to say: Anne commented: "This is not surprising because there is no reason they can't do it. We all need someone to believe in us. Hooray for them." Lameka wrote: "We're happy because we as a people see the challenges that young Black men have to overcome. Add that on top of mass media's one-dimensional portrayal of Black men and so called "statistics" and it's easy to give in to despair. Stories like this shatter all of that and that is where my joy comes from."


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