Parents 'Forget' Son For Two Days After Birthday Party

Now that the party's over, who's taking the birthday boy home? Apparently none of the 20 guests (his grandmother included) at a three-year-old Michigan boy's birthday party thought to ask this question or find out his whereabouts for two days following the celebration. His parents, who are no longer together, say they thought he was with the other or with his grandmother in Detroit... Read More: Commentary: Who is To Blame For Starved Little Girl?7-Year-Old's Mother Speaks on Cut Braid Here's what you said: Paige commented: "This breaks my heart as a parent. There are so many people wanting to provide loving and caring homes for children. If this child's parents think so little of him as to forget him, then maybe they should give him to someone who does want him." Left_eye said: "That boy could've been kidnapped at that party and either killed or maimed and so far gone by the time these parents woke up to reality."


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