Mural of Black and Hispanic Women Draws Controversy

African American and Hispanic leaders are speaking out against a new 92-foot mural near New York's Times Square that depicts Black and Latino women in suggestive poses and wearing provocative attire, brightly colored hair, tattoos and piercings. Protesters claim that the painting depicts minority women in a negative light, feeding on mainstream stereotypes, but the artist says she her intention was not to generalize these women, but to "recognize" and "celebrate" them. Read More: 10 Most Offensive Things About 'Freaknik: The Musical'Commentary: T-Pain's 'Freakik' is Animated BuffooneryT.I.'s Akoo Jeans Billboard Sexualizes Black Women Here's what you said: Vera Dolores Jacques wrote: "I see this as another reason why we as people of color are always being marginalized." Jewel17 said: "Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are not without consequence."


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