Al Sharpton Responds to Black Critics of Obama

While Black leaders have been outspoken about their desire for Barack Obama's Administration to focus on more policies that benefit African Americans, the Reverend Al Sharpton is choosing to support the President. According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama has recently looked to Sharpton to assist in quelling the growing discontent in the Black community with his economic policy. Read More: Reverend Al Sharpton Shutting Down Rush LimbaughBlack Men in the Age of Obama Here's what you said: Anonymous commented: "I agree with Al, we can't expect Obama to be the champion of Black issues. It'll only fuel the right-wing conservatives to make it even harder for him to get anything done." Go Away Al said: "For Pete's sake, President Obama can't do everything by himself! People need to understand that he's only one person and Congress and the American people have to step up to the plate, too."


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