Recess Coaching? Schools Give Playtime a Makeover

These days, reminiscing about playing run-and-chase games like tag and kickball may truly reveal your age in an era where schools are having to deal with large numbers of children who'd rather chill (or squabble) than work a sweat playing games. As a result, more and more schools are hiring recess coaches to address behavioral problems and get kids moving in the schoolyard, says a recent report in the New York Times. Inner-city schools in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, among others, are calling on Playworks, a non-profit organization that places recess coaches to create mandatory organized games for children during break time... Read More: First Lady To America's Youth: Let's MoveOprah Winfrey Helps in Battle Against Childhood ObesityAre We Obesity-Obsessed? Here's what you said: Bonafide commented: "Why must we go sticking our nose in everything? Lunchtime recess is the only time throughout the school day when kids can let out some steam and run wild like a CHILD. Why must we make them little women and men so early?" Mojo wrote: "This is a good idea. Kids today don't like moving their bodies... all they wanna do is stick their heads in a computer screen. It makes sense to have someone to encourage double dutch, tag, dodgeball, baseball...whatever it takes to get these McDonald's loving overweight and lazy kids moving."


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