The Community Organizers Who Discovered Obama

Throughout his political career, President Barack Obama has frequently referred to his years as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. During this time, as a means of achieving social justice, he learned how to develop leadership potential and respond to the needs of the people. The organization in which he got his start, the Gamaliel Foundation, is a faith-based group that helps create grassroots change around jobs, housing, health care and other issues. ESSENCE.COM talked to Gamaliel's President, Ann Smith, about President Obama back when he was just starting out, and the impact he's had on a new generation of young organizers. Read More: President Obama to Overhaul 'No Child Left Behind'President Obama Meets with Jay-ZTweet for President Obama What you had to say:Absolut71: "The media needs to get off m boy Obama's back already." Mih commented: "I agree with Al Sharpton because being an African American President we have his ear. President Obama is the President for all people. So please just support and pray for our President."


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