Help, My Boyfriend Is Facebook Friends With His Ex

With the integration of online social networks into our everyday lives, past relationships can pop back into your life as quick and unexpected as a new email in your Inbox or a Friend Request on Facebook. Because of this technology, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends are more present than ever. But can our current relationships withstand this constant connection with people from the past? Can you handle your new guy's online friendship with his old girlfriend? Read More: Catching a Cheater in the Digital AgeBreak-Ups in the Digital Age Here's what you had to say: Royal commented: Your man Facebooking female friends is just like having an emotional affair at the office [or having] porn... If he respects you, he'll stop before it worsens. Angie said: I think that it's a sign of security to demand to have [your man] remove the ex [from his friends]. You have him now. So what's the big deal?


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