Commentary: Mo'Nique Not Just Another Negative Role

After picking up practically every award for her supporting role in "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire," it was a safe bet that Mo'Nique would win the Oscar last Sunday. She is the fifth Black actress to win an Academy Award. Nevertheless, there are many of us who consider Mo'Nique's Oscar win to be just another "negative" role earning recognition. In fact, many readers have gone as far as expressing shame and disgust, and some have even flat out refused to ever watch Lee Daniel's Oscar-nominated film. Condemning this film sends more of a dangerous message than the film or Mo'Nique and her doo-rag ever will... Read more: Mo'Nique Wins the Oscar!Mo'Nique Talks Abuse in ESSENCE Here's what you said: 25 & Wise wrote: "This movie is bigger than the square box of colors some of you seem to exist in. If some of you just step out of that box and open your eyes maybe you can actually see the bigger picture, too." Nik commented: "I just think in addition to Black actresses winning for these types of roles, we'd also like to see a Black actress win for a positive role."


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